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YOU ARE app mob

Well actually you are not - but we are and maybe you will be too!

So what is app mob anyway? you should go check out our FAQ for more detailed answers or continue reading...

First of all we create Apps usually for mobile devices. Everybody at app mob has already launched at least one App and decided that it is just frustrating how many ideas are lost or how little of their potential is actually realized.

So we decided to become the mob, that shapes our clay pool of ideas into something awesome - an App of greatness and beauty. Or at least one that will pass Apple's App Review.

You may think that we have failed but NO! Reading this means there was somebody at app mob who finally made a Website! We also have a page for one of our Apps! Some day we will actually launch it! You get the point...

Ok you know how awesome app mob is - These are your next steps

  1. Apparently you should know how to read English to understand what to do... (also apparently the author does not know how to write English)
  2. You must download the paid version of all of our Apps. This is crucial because even if you want to flame around how much you hate us we need to pay the guy we hire to read your comments.
  3. You most definitely already did this but just to be sure; You need to bookmark our page and check it out as often as you can - you will not want to miss anything!
  4. You should like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter... No really you should at least like us on Facebook... Ok do what you want with Facebook and Twitter but download our Apps!
  5. You should be a part of app mob. This is easily done by doing No. 2,3 and 4 or No. 2 and 4 or No. 2 and 3 or if you are stingy No. 2
  6. You need to admire Family Guy - otherwise we can not help you!